In general there are two ways to select your wagasa.  First, you can peruse the current models or gallery and enquire to the availability of any examples you see.  There is always a ready supply on hand of umbrellas in a variety of styles for both men and women.  The differences between wagasa intended for men and those for women include diameter of the umbrella, the thickness and length of the handle, color schemes, and cord wrapping, among others.  Further, you may select a non-waterproof umbrella if you wish to use it only as a parasol, which lightens the wagasa considerably.

In addition to the current stock selection, you may request full customization, with particular patterns, paper, artwork, length and diameter, or other special features.  Custom wagasa may take several weeks or months more to complete, depending on the customization requested, and a deposit of half the purchase price will be required to secure the commission.  International payments should be remitted via wire transfer or Paypal; within Japan ‘furikomi’ are also accepted.  All shipments will be insured and sent through the Japanese Mail Service. Ready-made wagasa start at 22,000JPY, custom orders, 30,000JPY, excluding shipping.

For more information, please contact us via email: english underscore info at shonanwagasa dot com (please replace italicized words with symbols and remove the spaces) or by completing the contact form.

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